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  • A hightech enterprise which intergrades research,production, selling and service.

    Please allow me to introduce TDX here and know more about Tengdaxing.

    Devoting to produce the best adapter rather than competing with others.

    It was in 2009 that Shenzhen Tengdaxing electronic company was founded whose headquarter is near Baoan airport. There are 3 production workshop: power adapter workshop, transformer workshop and plastic housing workshop. We focus on adapter for over 10 years, building up our brand ”TDX” which produces power supply adapter,Power Supply Module Board, Switching power adapter, power supply charger. In our team, there are 30 engineers, over 10 foreign trade staffs , more than 30 domestic salers and 500 workers with a factory area of 10000 square meters.. The annual output volumn is 10 million with a total revenue of hundreds million. The global certificate are constantly improved. Up to now, we have CE,FCC,CB,BS,UL,CCC.ETL.PSE,GS,RCM,SAA,etc. With unremitting efforts, the tengdaxing electron has become the most influential supplier in the power adapter industry.

    We look forward to cooperating with you and make the world fall in love with "made-in-China"

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